Quiet Time in Business – Is it Really?

Out of Officejpg

Things are quiet…

I was at a network meeting recently. There were reduced numbers in attendance and the chair of meeting announced that ‘things are quiet at the moment’. There was a suggestion that perhaps we shouldn’t meet on as regular a basis as we have been because so many people are, and will be, away.

Many years ago I came across the phrase ‘if you think you can’t you won’t but if you think you can, you will!’ Though simple, it is extremely powerful. What we think in our minds becomes our reality. That grey matter between your two ears can invigorate you to push yourself to heights you never dreamed of before, or it can drag you into the mud and leave you there.

It is summer time in the northern hemisphere and people are on the move, therefore, the common adage of business being quiet arises once more. Yes, there are people who are going on holidays and yes, the children are off school, but that doesn’t mean the whole world stops. Not everyone has vacated their desks and shut up shop. The world has not stopped doing business.

If we stop and challenge the story we’re telling ourselves we may find that in fact the opposite is true. Later that same day, I went to pick up something in a local large shopping complex. It was early afternoon and it took more than a few minutes to find a car parking space. The place was hopping! Retail units were open for business and there were plenty of people ready to carry out transactions.

Perhaps we’re wrong when we tell ourselves that business is quiet. That’s ok, we’re all wrong from time to time. But, the danger is that when we believe what we’re telling ourselves, whether it is true or not, we can line up a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Depending on their industry, some people have more time available to them at this time of year. That creates an opportunity for you to put in some nurturing time with them. It is the perfect time to give them a call or meet with them and say thank you for the business opportunities they have brought your way over recent months. It also a great time to contact existing clients, those who have trusted us with their business before, who understand what it is we do and let them know what is happening that is new and exciting in our business and may have benefit for them at some point in the future – and of course, to find out what is happening in their lives and businesses too. The simple act of buying someone a cup of coffee and saying thank you can be very valuable. Showing our appreciation for others had great benefits for the person you are thanking, we all like to be appreciated – and for ourselves.

If you find yourself commenting that business has been a bit quiet lately, why not take the opportunity to go out and meet some people? This simple shift could change a slow, uneventful summer into one of the most successful you’ve ever had!


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